I’m fascinated by the phenomenon of selfies. We’re already in the most self-centered era in the history of the world. Could selfies save the world? I don’t know. They are global. Abortion clinic? Go to an abortion clinic for a procedure and snap a selfie with a protester on your way out? Or on your way in. Or both. Before and after. Maybe pose with the “You Kill Babies” poster as a joke. That’s messed up. Do people do that? I don’t know.

I identify with the selfie. Proof that at least someone loves me. How do I know that? Look they’re standing next to me! We’re smiling with the silly faces! Selfie is probably the most annoying term for taking a picture of ones self. Unfortunately such a thing is too damn tempting to let that prevent anyone from doing it. I’m certainly not going to stop it. I NEED TO MATTER IN THE WORLD!

I’m like the dead ghost girlfriend in American Horror Story Season One (Murder House) “I MATTER!”.

Don’t tell any of my students about this blog post (or any of them). I keep telling them that grammar matters.

Do I love all of you?

Probably not.

Do I love myself?  I should.  Selfie.


Todd Barry in Durham

Todd Barry Hi-Res Headshot copy

Todd Barry. Todd Barry. Sorry I just wanted to say it twice because it’s so fun. Comedian Todd Barry will be at Motorco Music Hall on Wednesday, March 18 2015 at 8PM. Tickets are $20. This place seats about 240 people, so tickets are definitely limited.

Here he is performing on Conan in 2012

And here he is performing on Conan in 2014

And here he is in Durham in 2015. Oh wait, that’s in the future. Be there!


Casual Sets, Mary Mack, DSI Stuff!


OK true DSI is technically not in Durham…or just not at all in Durham, it’s in Chapel Hill. But they do some good stuff so we’ll let that slide.

This week Dirty South Improv is doing Casual Sets and is hosting Mary Mack!

Casual Sets is actually tonight and I’m performing, I’m excited to let you know how it goes.

Mary Mack

Last Comic Standing alum. Legendary hand slapping game. Charming. Wonderful.

Hosted by….ME! So you know it’s good. This Thursday!

October Shows: Dave Stone 10/12 Mongers Showcase 10/4

photo 1

Hey there all my lovelies. I just got back from the Gay Pride Parade and man…I’m exhausted. 3.3 miles marching in that latex unicorn head left me tired as heck. Hearing everyone cheer me on was worth it!

Saturday, October 4 is the ComedyMongers Showcase #23 This go round we have local comics:
Mark Dollister
John Boni, the Silver Senior
Alex Fanning
and Ngozi Ikeakanam

At Fishmongers Oyster Bar and Restaurant 806 W. Main st. Durham NC 8:30PM FREEFREEFREE No Cover! Show up early for good seats and fishy eats.

Sunday, October 12 is DAVE STONE at Motorco Music Hall!
As part of his Wander Down Yonder Tour, Dave Stone will be here in Durham to show off his tenacious beard and also tell some jokes. From the ever authoritative Beards of Comedy, Dave Stone lived in a carpeted van for two years, became a fat vegetarian, and made his debut on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I could tell you how funny he is but I’d rather you just see for yourself. Check out the videos below! Also click the link for tickets!

At Motorco Music Hall 723 Rigsbee Ave. Durham NC 8PM doors 7PM $10 advance $13 at door

Aparna Nancherla this Sunday!


A big giant hug and kiss to all of you who came out to the ComedyMongers Showcase #22. It was one of our best yet. Great audience, fantastic comedians, sober host.

My cat is crazy. I mean, I love him…but what?

oh, hey. Our next showcase is Saturday October 4. 8:30PM Put it on your calendar now.

So, Aparna. Aparna freaking Nancherla. Are you ready? Get ready.

Seriously, take a breath so you don’t pass out. Aparna Nancherla is coming to town and you absolutely must be there. Not just because I’m hosting. Not just because the incomparable Eric Trundy is featuring. But just because Aparna Nancherla is an absolute delight. I was gonna say funny delight. But then I thought that sounded too close to Sunny Delight.


Do yourself a favor and watch these videos. Treat yourself.

Buy your tickets here:

And I’ll see you Sunday,


September Shows! Mongers Showcase, Ryan Singer, and Aparna Nancherla

Ryan Singer 2014 headshot

This month is ripe with laughter and if you miss it you might be an asshole.

That was harsh. I’m sure you wonderful. I’m just hangry. Hold on I have Thai Cafe leftovers….ah, there we go. Now, get out your calendars!

ComedyMongers Showcase #22 Saturday, September 6 8:30PM
Fishmongers Oyster Bar & Restaurant
806 W. Main st. Durham NC
oh yeah, this is still happening. Come on out and see
John Eisenhardt
Hardly Strange
Zo Myers
Bob Beshere
and Steve Lesser

And it’s FREE, bitches. Pay attention to the comma, no free bitches.

Ryan Singer Monday, September 15 8PM
Motorco Music Hall
723 Rigsbee Ave, Durham NC
$10 advance/$13 door

Aparna Nancherla Sunday, September 21 8PM
Motorco Music Hall
723 Rigsbee Ave, Durham NC
$10 advance/$13 door

Those are just the bare info essentials. Detailed descriptions of the comics are soon to come!

peace out,

Did I Mention….Duncan Trussell and Johnny Pemberton at Motorco Music Hall

It seems we have a real thing going here. Our next Deb Aronin Presents is Duncan Trussell.

Sunday, August 31 at 8PM you can come see Duncan Trussell showcase his wondrous ethereal magical comedy. Featuring the great Johnny Pemberton. They’re on tour and they’re stopping by our city for a one night only show.

Have I ever steered you wrong? No. No I haven’t. This show will count as therapy. You’ll think we gave you lithium laced water bottled somewhere near New York City. It’s a thing.

Go to for tickets. Only $10!

I know I know…I’ve gone on about Duncan and Johnny before. But it bears repeating. Like bears repeating themselves. About Duncan Trussell. And Johnny Pemberton.

Do yourself a serious favor and listen to his podcast. The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.

Love yourself.


Showcase #21 last minute post! CRAZY SHIT

Katherine Lloyd. Aaron Cobb. Jay Stadler. James Hodge.

All of these people will be performing tonight at Fishmongers Oyster Bar and Restaurant in Durham. 806 W.Main st.

I’m hosting. Yes.

James and Aaron will be curries. Katherine will be a hilarious arsonist. Jay Stadler will keep himself from having sex with a girl who may or may not have thai green curry. Also he’s a beekeeper.


come join us for a night of joy. and pleasure.


Duncan Trussell and Johnny Pemberton

Have you heard about this? Have you? If you haven’t then I don’t think I’ve been doing a great job of nagging and bothering and…OK I’m being told it’s called advertising and marketing. Same thing. I think.

Anyway, Duncan Trussell and Johnny Pemberton. Hosted by our very own and very beloved Zack Levine!

Cuddly smart depressing Zack Levine.

Buy your tickets here!

Do the right thing.