Motorco Comedy Night with Ryan Singer, featuring Leo Hodson

Ryan Singer + Leo Hodson

His last visit to Durham was a great success, so he’s back for more Bull City Love! Get Tickets for Ryan Singer

Ryan Singer…

Is the rarest of breeds: A comic’s comic who electrifies mainstream audiences with material that is both uncompromising and unpretentious. LaughSpin says, “With his high-energy delivery and unpretentious leanings, there’s not a lot to dislike about comedian Ryan Singer. And it’s not just us saying it: In the last few years, he’s won over audiences headlining the nation’s finer comedy clubs and was hailed by Marc Maron in Rolling Stone as a comedian “who should be big.”

Both his debut album and sophomore release COMEDY WONDER TOWN were selected as Top 10 Comedy CD’s of the year (2010 & 2012). He was selected by LA Weekly as one of “10 LA Comics to Watch” for 2014, was mentioned in NY Magazine as a “Comic to Watch,” was one of 4 finalist in CMT’s Next Big Comic Contest, is a frequent guest on the WTF Podcast w/Marc Maron and the Bob & Tom Show, regularly heard on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio, and was a regional finalist in Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight. He also has a recurring role as himself on the critically acclaimed TV series Maron on IFC, now in its 3rd season and was the winner of the Golden Shingle Award at the Rooftop Comedy Festival, an award given to the next rising star in comedy.

Get Tickets for Ryan Singer

Leo Hodson…

This time his feature comedian is the amazing Leo Hodson, the Triangle’s best sit-down comic

The Face of Success

That’s what I’m calling the mic at Tootie’s so far.  It’s a blast (90s term!).   Photos to appear soon!  Come join the excellence.

Saturdays  at Tootie’s on Rigsbee.  7:30 sign up  8PM show.  $5 cover.  Comedians get in free.


Love and kisses,


I’m fascinated by the phenomenon of selfies. We’re already in the most self-centered era in the history of the world. Could selfies save the world? I don’t know. They are global. Abortion clinic? Go to an abortion clinic for a procedure and snap a selfie with a protester on your way out? Or on your way in. Or both. Before and after. Maybe pose with the “You Kill Babies” poster as a joke. That’s messed up. Do people do that? I don’t know.

I identify with the selfie. Proof that at least someone loves me. How do I know that? Look they’re standing next to me! We’re smiling with the silly faces! Selfie is probably the most annoying term for taking a picture of ones self. Unfortunately such a thing is too damn tempting to let that prevent anyone from doing it. I’m certainly not going to stop it. I NEED TO MATTER IN THE WORLD!

I’m like the dead ghost girlfriend in American Horror Story Season One (Murder House) “I MATTER!”.

Don’t tell any of my students about this blog post (or any of them). I keep telling them that grammar matters.

Do I love all of you?

Probably not.

Do I love myself?  I should.  Selfie.


Todd Barry in Durham

Todd Barry Hi-Res Headshot copy

Todd Barry. Todd Barry. Sorry I just wanted to say it twice because it’s so fun. Comedian Todd Barry will be at Motorco Music Hall on Wednesday, March 18 2015 at 8PM. Tickets are $20. This place seats about 240 people, so tickets are definitely limited.

Here he is performing on Conan in 2012

And here he is performing on Conan in 2014

And here he is in Durham in 2015. Oh wait, that’s in the future. Be there!