Bulltown Comedy Series. Tootie’s. Yeah I’m still talking about it.

Bulltown Comedy Series

Tuesday October 20 9PM at Fullsteam Brewery

726 Rigsbee Ave Durham NC  FREE!


Never done promoting. Never give up. Never surrender.

And why would you want me to?  The Farmer’s Market would be a lot quieter without a comedy barker.

I’m gone to New Orleans for a week (well a few days there and then a weekend in Pensacola…hey it’s for a wedding). So I’ll have the fantastic Grant Sheffield hosting next week’s Tootie’s.  Still thinking of changing the name to “Why not?” or “Ehhhh…. F*ck it”

The Bulltown Comedy Series is 10 days away. Start getting your friends together now!

I’ll see you there.  🙂


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