Bulltown Comedy Series Season 1 Episode 2: My Fucked Up Facebook Friends

Tuesday, November 17  9PM


Yeah, that’s right. My fucked up Facebook friends.  You have them, your mom has them, and I definitely have them.  Luckily mine are all comedians of some sort.

They all have their parts to play in my life and now you’ll get to see some personality wielded joke hammers (that’s a thing, I just created it) at Fullsteam Brewery.

Free Show

The last show was DAMN good. I’m looking to up it even more.

I give you:

Jennie Stencel: The Selfie

Jason Zaremba: The Indignant Little Brother

MurderAnn: The Geeky Opinionated Charlie Brown

Zo Myers: The Mood

John Sideris: I just like him

and Mark Brady: The Man with the Suspiciously Upbeat Posts About Life

Hosted by yours truly, Deb Aronin: The Shameless Promoter.

At Fullsteam Brewery 726 Rigsbee Ave

Durham NC   Tuesday November 17  9PM   and it’s fucking FREE!

I’ll see you there



bulltown comedy poster NOV2015_r1-2

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