Remarkable Content.

After online classes, research, job applications and several contemplative looks into my future I’m left with this: Remarkable Content. It’s an Inbound Marketing thing, the whole “create good stuff and attract the right people” idea. Which I can totally get behind because I’m expected to write good comedic material.

So far I’ve just been writing blog posts announcing upcoming shows and…well that’s about it. Now I’ll try to put out some actual blog posts, by which I mean stuff about stuff.

Which leads me to this question: what does one write about on a comedy website run by an un-famous local comedian?

My journey?  I don’t know about that. Seems a bit self involved, even for me.  Informational pieces on how to be a comedian? I’m not Marc Maron, I’m not Sarah Silverman, I’m not any of those people…I’m not qualified.  Remarkable content isn’t really a personal blog at all. But what am I left with but opinion pieces and other thoughts?

Stuff I like. That’s what you’ll get.  Videos, ideas, local people, interviews. It’s time to experiment with ComedyDurham. Time to talk about the city, the Triangle, the people, and yes…comedy. At least what I feel like I’m qualified to talk about.

This is a website created to help promote myself, the shows I host and produce, and other shows in Durham.

Let’s see what else happens.



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