Thoughts on the Sick of Stupid Comedy Tour and the Southern Accent

Excuse me while I step onto a soap box.

As most of you know, the Sick of Stupid Comedy Tour is having their final show at Motorco Music Hall in Durham, NC on Sunday, January 24 at 8PM

I’ve been promoting this for some time, but that’s not what this post is about.  I’d like to discuss why this tour is so important.

Cliff Cash, Stewart Huff, and Tom Simmons are really good about posting their thoughts on Facebook regarding the tour. And I can understand why, the concept of the South is so messed up.

Think about the last few times you heard someone do an impression of a stupid person in the United States. What did it sound like? Chances are they had a southern accent. It’s so ingrained in our culture to think of people in the South as one way.

“Murica!”   “They’re stealin’ our jerbs!”  Or just the beginning of the dueling banjos from Deliverance.

I was listening to Daniel Radcliffe (yes, the actor who played Harry Potter) on the WTF podcast with Marc Maron. He was talking about filming in Virginia. They discussed how nice people actually are down there and how beautiful the state is etc. Something else he said that caught my attention: his take on the southern accent from the perspective of a Brit. To him, it’s not a “stupid accent” it’s a “f*#ing cool” accent. Southerners sound like cowboys! I’m paraphrasing.

I do it, you might do it, you’ve certainly heard one of your friends do it. And you’ve definitely heard someone on TV do it.  A fake southern accent used to impersonate a stupid person. If it’s a conservative, it’s a southern accent. It’s so difficult to break that habit. Marc Maron says that he’s trying. That’s a good sign.

I’m probably going to do my stupid impression of a southern accent (I’m not great at accents as of yet) from time to time. It’s tricky to change a habit.

Most of you reading this live in the area, so you’ll agree.  The audiences of Larry the Cable Guy do NOT represent all of us. If comedy is going to be southern, it’s better off in the hands of Cliff Cash, Stewart Huff and Tom Simmons.

I’m stepping off my soapbox.



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