The Ides of Comedy (also March)

The month of March is just ridiculous and full of amazing. Tonight I’m off to the Bowie Ball (Dressed as Jareth the Goblin King, of course) right after I host my favorite mic of all, Tootie’s!

March 15 brings us the Bulltown Comedy Series

Starring Ngozi, Eric Megert, Jason Zaremba, Antony Grows, and the best headliner Mike Mello!

special guest comedian Bernie Sanders.

March 28 is Caleb Synan at Motorco Music Hall 8PM. Caleb was here last year with Dave Stone and he just killed it. I’ve been trying to get him back here ever since. Tickets are $10. $8 for students!

And April 1 Duncan Trussell comes back to the Triangle. He’s at Cat’s Cradle this time. His last show was epic, don’t miss out!

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