Bulltown Comedy April 19 at 9PM A Tuesday night you’ll appreciate

Since I took over this comedy show from the inimitable Virginia Wallace, it’s been a fun monthly showcase for comics and a fairly entertaining show for rather surprised patrons of Fullsteam Brewery. One of the best ways to gauge a comedy show, in my opinion, is not necessarily by how many people show up, but by how the bars non-comedy related patrons react.

The audience is vital. Without an audience, we’d be up there talking to each other. And we do enough of that at open mics. If you come out to the show this coming Tuesday the 19th, I might just get you a beer. (and I mean that, I get a drink ticket that I don’t always use).

This month features Micah Hanner, Brandy Brown, Kelly Ryan, Jack Bowen, and Brian Malow. One of the best things about this show? NONE OF THEM HAVE BEEN ON IT BEFORE! And for me that’s great, because it’s all about showcasing local comics. And we have a lot of talented people in the area.

Brian Malow is a science comedian. If you’ve ever gone to a comedy show and thought “man, this could use more cleverness and science facts” well we’ve solved that problem! As someone with a periodic table of elements show curtain, I’m excited to see his twenty minutes blinding me with science. And not in a gross way.

Tuesday, April 19 at 9PM. At Fullsteam Brewery 726 Rigsbee Ave Durham
Hosted by Deb Aronin.

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