Comedian after Comedian will complain to you about puns. They don’t like them. They’re above them.

Puns are low comedy. They are where comedy goes to die. They are the remedial potions of comedy. Puns result in you having to have remedial classes which Severus Snape which are actually lessons in Occlumency but you can’t say that because you’re the Boy Who Lived and you’ve got some shit to deal with in secret.

I love puns.

A good pun is a joy in life. It gets a laugh or a groan or in the best cases both. When it’s a good pun, I mean. It’s seen as stupid but puns can be damn clever.

People who hate puns routinely laugh at pun jokes.

There’s something inherently fun about these jokes. It’s the working it out in your head, it’s the feeling of being “in” on something because you get both references. Puns require putting a couple things together in order for it to be funny. Which is why, of course, a lot of puns aren’t funny because it doesn’t always work.

But I will defend puns forever and ever. They’re fun and they can carry an entire Facebook thread without pause.


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