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Today a fantastic article came out in the N&O about the Triangle comedy scene. It mentioned yours truly and I’m truly honored. It also mentioned Adam Cohen, Stephen Hamlett, and other comics in the area who find a way to create a stage when there is none. That sounded a lot more schmaltzy than I meant it to.

The indispensible Craig D. Lindsey has been a champion for local comedy for years. He’s written articles for the shows at Motorco Music Hall, he’s written about the Bulltown Comedy Series at Fullsteam Brewery (back when the loverly Virginia Wallace was hosting) and now he’s written about the DIY spirit of Triangle Comedy. Yes, I used caps.

Craig asked to interview Adam Cohen and myself for an article on the local comedy scene. We met up at a movie theater before a midnight showing of “The Siege.” I talked about all the relevant comedy stuff I could think of at 11:15PM and then watched a strange and violent film from the 1970s. It was a fun evening. I told him I was doing a show at this guy’s apartment. He actually hosts shows in his apartment. It’s not everyday that you invite someone to a person’s apartment for a comedy show and they say yes.

I encourage you to read the article yourselves as it is a fine tribute to local comedians. Also I love Craig’s writing and would encourage you read his stuff any chance you get.

The next Motorco show is Andy Woodhull (who’s mentioned in the article). He’s a local favorite, in that he’s a local comedian who is absolutely loved by everyone. He is also VERY successful. He was the first comedian to appear on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He’s appeared on Conan. He was on Live at Gotham. He’s a professional comedian. And if you’ve ever been to one of the shows I’ve produced at Motorco Music Hall you know that I never disappoint.

The link to the article is here

And you can find tickets to Andy Woodhull here

Thank you to all who’ve supported not just the comedy I perform and produce but all local comedy. We don’t really make anything doing this, and it’s the love from the audience that makes it worth it.


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