Rad in Plaid Comedy Tour

Sunday January 22 at 106 Main  Durham NC   8PM

Tyler Wood and Nick Alexander are on a mission to present the best guys with beards and glasses extravaganza known to man!  Tyler Wood has previously headlined at the Bulltown Comedy Series. He killed it! Their slightly awkward offbeat comedy is perfect for a fun Sunday comedy show at one of the top local bars in the area!


No cover, but their will be a tip bucket!

Respect the Road Comedy Tour and Challenge October 9

Respeck the Road Tour 2016 -- click for larger version

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Hey there kids,

Respect the Road Comedy Tour and Challenge is coming our way Sunday, October 9 at 8PM. at 106 Main in Durham. Tickets just $7 bucks!

Comedian Reid Clark, Meredith Armstrong, and Jordan Bench are three comedians traveling across the country documenting their struggles and participating in challenges on the road to amuse and amaze you.

They will film themselves doing things such as performing without pants, hitchhiking all dangerous like, and inverting all gatorades in a Wal-Mart.

Also you can help Reid get a new testicle.

So who are the comics?

Meredith: A style of comedy that will simultaneously delight and disgust. Her experience both as your favorite neighborhood slut (her words) and traveling ER nurse have provided her with a unique and interesting perspective on human interactions. Meredith will take you on a journey that will make you laugh, cry, and probably do that thing where you wince and groan at the same time.

Jordan Bench: Originally from Sammamish, WA but now a transplant in Wilmington, NC. He’s hosted at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival two years in a row and has opened for comedians like Eddie Efft and Ron Funches. If you enjoy comedy that will make you question why you left the house then Jordan might be a comic for you. He dances like everyone is watching.

Reid Clark: the HEADLINER. A five year comedian with appearances all across the US. He’s worked with Fortune Feistier, Alonzo Bodden, Neal Brennan, and Trevor Noah at Dead Crow Comedy Room in Wilmington, NC. He was a joke writer for Orlando Jones. And written, directed and performed for music videos that have been in festivals and Funny or Die. Also a bunch of other really great stuff.

Reid gave up his right testicle for comedy. No, really.

His comedy has been described as dark, blue, and political, with elements of musicality and improvisation.

Once again this is at 106 Main in Durham. That’s both the location and the name of the bar. Tickets are $7. Check out our shows page to get tickets. Or buy them from Deb (me) in person! OR go check out 106 main in Durham and buy one directly from them.

Email: putsomerespeckonthetour@gmail.com
GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/23cz5n8k
Videos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-vvbl7ZKPqUc2M4a2FXM2ZqT00

Future updates to the site

First off. Andy Woodhull Tuesday July 26 at 8PM
tickets $10 Advance $12 at the door.
Check out for videos and for tickets.

Now, updates.

On the old site there were videos, pictures, and a comprehensive list of local comics with bios.
Those things are coming back!

The post listing all open mics will have it’s own page (along with a link to Cynthia Raxter’s fabulous spreadsheet).

The photos page will be organized and updated with pictures from shows and open mics.

See you all at the show!

Andy Woodhull: A National Local Treasure

Because he is. Andy Woodhull is one of the best comedians out of Raleigh ever. He’s been on Conan, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Live at Gotham. As a nationally touring comedian he’s performed everywhere, but he always comes home to the Triangle. It’s hard to say who loves him more, audiences or local comics.

Seriously, ask a Triangle comic how they feel about Andy Woodhull and you’ll see what I mean. Of course I can’t convince like he can himself. Check out his bio, order his album and watch his videos here: About two years ago, Ryan Singer was hanging out at Motorco getting ready for his first show in Durham. Andy was there with him and from that evening we’ve been trying to organize a show at Motorco together. At last our schedules match and the show is on. Tuesday night at 8PM Tickets here: Tickets

The feature act of the evening is Adam Cohen. Adam is a co-founder of the successful Dangling Loafer comedy series in Raleigh. Not only is he a great comedian, he’s a fantastic artist and animator. Take a look at Band Candy on youtube!

Raleigh comedian Kenyon Adamcik will be doing a guest spot. Kenyon is one of the funniest comics performing in the Triangle right now. He’s also one of the youngest. So don’t buy him a drink at the show.

Tuesday, July 26 at 8PM see ticket link above. Be sure to buy your tickets in advance and save a couple dollars!

News & Observer

Today a fantastic article came out in the N&O about the Triangle comedy scene. It mentioned yours truly and I’m truly honored. It also mentioned Adam Cohen, Stephen Hamlett, and other comics in the area who find a way to create a stage when there is none. That sounded a lot more schmaltzy than I meant it to.

The indispensible Craig D. Lindsey has been a champion for local comedy for years. He’s written articles for the shows at Motorco Music Hall, he’s written about the Bulltown Comedy Series at Fullsteam Brewery (back when the loverly Virginia Wallace was hosting) and now he’s written about the DIY spirit of Triangle Comedy. Yes, I used caps.

Craig asked to interview Adam Cohen and myself for an article on the local comedy scene. We met up at a movie theater before a midnight showing of “The Siege.” I talked about all the relevant comedy stuff I could think of at 11:15PM and then watched a strange and violent film from the 1970s. It was a fun evening. I told him I was doing a show at this guy’s apartment. He actually hosts shows in his apartment. It’s not everyday that you invite someone to a person’s apartment for a comedy show and they say yes.

I encourage you to read the article yourselves as it is a fine tribute to local comedians. Also I love Craig’s writing and would encourage you read his stuff any chance you get.

The next Motorco show is Andy Woodhull (who’s mentioned in the article). He’s a local favorite, in that he’s a local comedian who is absolutely loved by everyone. He is also VERY successful. He was the first comedian to appear on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He’s appeared on Conan. He was on Live at Gotham. He’s a professional comedian. And if you’ve ever been to one of the shows I’ve produced at Motorco Music Hall you know that I never disappoint.

The link to the article is here

And you can find tickets to Andy Woodhull here

Thank you to all who’ve supported not just the comedy I perform and produce but all local comedy. We don’t really make anything doing this, and it’s the love from the audience that makes it worth it.


Triangle Open Mics


Fortnight mic at Brewing Company 1006 SW Maynard Rd Cary 7:30PM sign up 8PM Show


Goodnights Comedy Club in Raleigh,

Zog’s in Chapel Hill 9PM sign up 9:30PM show 108.5 Henderson St. Chapel Hill


Carolina Brewing Company in Holly Springs 134 Thomas Mill rd 7:30 Sign up 8 Show,

Northside District 403 West Rosemary St. Chapel Hill 10PM


Neptune’s in Raleigh 14 W. Martin St. Sign up at 8PM Show at 8:30PM

Idiot Box 348 St. Elm st. Greensboro NC 8PM-10PM 7:30 sign ups $5 admission gets you 4 minutes of stage time. Spots fill up fast.

Friday: No Open Mics. Start one up!


Tootie’s Open Mic in Durham 704 Rigsbee Ave Durham 7:30PM sign up 8PM show

Bull and Bear in Raleigh 5442 Six Forks Rd Raleigh 8:30PM sign ups 9PM show

Sunday: TBD


Comedian after Comedian will complain to you about puns. They don’t like them. They’re above them.

Puns are low comedy. They are where comedy goes to die. They are the remedial potions of comedy. Puns result in you having to have remedial classes which Severus Snape which are actually lessons in Occlumency but you can’t say that because you’re the Boy Who Lived and you’ve got some shit to deal with in secret.

I love puns.

A good pun is a joy in life. It gets a laugh or a groan or in the best cases both. When it’s a good pun, I mean. It’s seen as stupid but puns can be damn clever.

People who hate puns routinely laugh at pun jokes.

There’s something inherently fun about these jokes. It’s the working it out in your head, it’s the feeling of being “in” on something because you get both references. Puns require putting a couple things together in order for it to be funny. Which is why, of course, a lot of puns aren’t funny because it doesn’t always work.

But I will defend puns forever and ever. They’re fun and they can carry an entire Facebook thread without pause.


Bulltown Comedy April 19 at 9PM A Tuesday night you’ll appreciate

Since I took over this comedy show from the inimitable Virginia Wallace, it’s been a fun monthly showcase for comics and a fairly entertaining show for rather surprised patrons of Fullsteam Brewery. One of the best ways to gauge a comedy show, in my opinion, is not necessarily by how many people show up, but by how the bars non-comedy related patrons react.

The audience is vital. Without an audience, we’d be up there talking to each other. And we do enough of that at open mics. If you come out to the show this coming Tuesday the 19th, I might just get you a beer. (and I mean that, I get a drink ticket that I don’t always use).

This month features Micah Hanner, Brandy Brown, Kelly Ryan, Jack Bowen, and Brian Malow. One of the best things about this show? NONE OF THEM HAVE BEEN ON IT BEFORE! And for me that’s great, because it’s all about showcasing local comics. And we have a lot of talented people in the area.

Brian Malow is a science comedian. If you’ve ever gone to a comedy show and thought “man, this could use more cleverness and science facts” well we’ve solved that problem! As someone with a periodic table of elements show curtain, I’m excited to see his twenty minutes blinding me with science. And not in a gross way.

Tuesday, April 19 at 9PM. At Fullsteam Brewery 726 Rigsbee Ave Durham
Hosted by Deb Aronin.