Bulltown Comedy April 19 at 9PM A Tuesday night you’ll appreciate

Since I took over this comedy show from the inimitable Virginia Wallace, it’s been a fun monthly showcase for comics and a fairly entertaining show for rather surprised patrons of Fullsteam Brewery. One of the best ways to gauge a comedy show, in my opinion, is not necessarily by how many people show up, but by how the bars non-comedy related patrons react.

The audience is vital. Without an audience, we’d be up there talking to each other. And we do enough of that at open mics. If you come out to the show this coming Tuesday the 19th, I might just get you a beer. (and I mean that, I get a drink ticket that I don’t always use).

This month features Micah Hanner, Brandy Brown, Kelly Ryan, Jack Bowen, and Brian Malow. One of the best things about this show? NONE OF THEM HAVE BEEN ON IT BEFORE! And for me that’s great, because it’s all about showcasing local comics. And we have a lot of talented people in the area.

Brian Malow is a science comedian. If you’ve ever gone to a comedy show and thought “man, this could use more cleverness and science facts” well we’ve solved that problem! As someone with a periodic table of elements show curtain, I’m excited to see his twenty minutes blinding me with science. And not in a gross way.

Tuesday, April 19 at 9PM. At Fullsteam Brewery 726 Rigsbee Ave Durham
Hosted by Deb Aronin.

Caleb Synan

Caleb Synan is an up an coming comedian who I’ve been trying to get back to Durham for months. Yep, he’s been here before. Last year when I brought Dave Stone to town, Caleb Synan was his feature act. And he was funny as hell!

I follow him on Facebook and Twitter and I’ve gotta say he’s my daily source of laughter. I highly recommend you check him out! @CalebSynan

One of my favorite things he does is photoshop Twitter feeds. Example:

Check out his appearance on CONAN.

Bulltown Comedy Series

Is TONIGHT! Don’t forget it’s a FREE show. Spend all your money on beer, maybe go out and get some food and eat while you’re laughing. OK, that might get food everywhere. How about you eat a little, wash it down with some beer, and then laugh. If you want to do a spit take, that’s cool. Just know that you’ll have to clean it up.

Also don’t choke on the food.

But seriously, it’s a fun show! 9PM at Fullsteam Brewery 726 Rigsbee


The Ides of Comedy (also March)

The month of March is just ridiculous and full of amazing. Tonight I’m off to the Bowie Ball (Dressed as Jareth the Goblin King, of course) right after I host my favorite mic of all, Tootie’s!

March 15 brings us the Bulltown Comedy Series

Starring Ngozi, Eric Megert, Jason Zaremba, Antony Grows, and the best headliner Mike Mello!

special guest comedian Bernie Sanders.

March 28 is Caleb Synan at Motorco Music Hall 8PM. Caleb was here last year with Dave Stone and he just killed it. I’ve been trying to get him back here ever since. Tickets are $10. $8 for students!

And April 1 Duncan Trussell comes back to the Triangle. He’s at Cat’s Cradle this time. His last show was epic, don’t miss out!

Thoughts on the Sick of Stupid Comedy Tour and the Southern Accent

Excuse me while I step onto a soap box.

As most of you know, the Sick of Stupid Comedy Tour is having their final show at Motorco Music Hall in Durham, NC on Sunday, January 24 at 8PM

I’ve been promoting this for some time, but that’s not what this post is about.  I’d like to discuss why this tour is so important.

Cliff Cash, Stewart Huff, and Tom Simmons are really good about posting their thoughts on Facebook regarding the tour. And I can understand why, the concept of the South is so messed up.

Think about the last few times you heard someone do an impression of a stupid person in the United States. What did it sound like? Chances are they had a southern accent. It’s so ingrained in our culture to think of people in the South as one way.

“Murica!”   “They’re stealin’ our jerbs!”  Or just the beginning of the dueling banjos from Deliverance.

I was listening to Daniel Radcliffe (yes, the actor who played Harry Potter) on the WTF podcast with Marc Maron. He was talking about filming in Virginia. They discussed how nice people actually are down there and how beautiful the state is etc. Something else he said that caught my attention: his take on the southern accent from the perspective of a Brit. To him, it’s not a “stupid accent” it’s a “f*#ing cool” accent. Southerners sound like cowboys! I’m paraphrasing.

I do it, you might do it, you’ve certainly heard one of your friends do it. And you’ve definitely heard someone on TV do it.  A fake southern accent used to impersonate a stupid person. If it’s a conservative, it’s a southern accent. It’s so difficult to break that habit. Marc Maron says that he’s trying. That’s a good sign.

I’m probably going to do my stupid impression of a southern accent (I’m not great at accents as of yet) from time to time. It’s tricky to change a habit.

Most of you reading this live in the area, so you’ll agree.  The audiences of Larry the Cable Guy do NOT represent all of us. If comedy is going to be southern, it’s better off in the hands of Cliff Cash, Stewart Huff and Tom Simmons.

I’m stepping off my soapbox.



Quick Announcement: Carolina’s Funniest Comic Quarter Finals

At DSI Comedy Theatre in Chapel Hill/Carrboro

Friday January 15 at 7PM


I’ve made it to the Quarter Finals! I’m up against 6 people in my round. VERY good comedians, so competition is getting tough. It’s 100% based on audience vote. Click the Tickets link above and use my promo code DARO to get your tickets for $6 instead of $10.  What a deal!  I’m working on my set everyday trying to get it perfect. Wish me luck!

oh and get there on time or else you won’t get a ballot!  You have to be there before the first comedian gets off stage. I think that’s how it works.




Remarkable Content.

After online classes, research, job applications and several contemplative looks into my future I’m left with this: Remarkable Content. It’s an Inbound Marketing thing, the whole “create good stuff and attract the right people” idea. Which I can totally get behind because I’m expected to write good comedic material.

So far I’ve just been writing blog posts announcing upcoming shows and…well that’s about it. Now I’ll try to put out some actual blog posts, by which I mean stuff about stuff.

Which leads me to this question: what does one write about on a comedy website run by an un-famous local comedian?

My journey?  I don’t know about that. Seems a bit self involved, even for me.  Informational pieces on how to be a comedian? I’m not Marc Maron, I’m not Sarah Silverman, I’m not any of those people…I’m not qualified.  Remarkable content isn’t really a personal blog at all. But what am I left with but opinion pieces and other thoughts?

Stuff I like. That’s what you’ll get.  Videos, ideas, local people, interviews. It’s time to experiment with ComedyDurham. Time to talk about the city, the Triangle, the people, and yes…comedy. At least what I feel like I’m qualified to talk about.

This is a website created to help promote myself, the shows I host and produce, and other shows in Durham.

Let’s see what else happens.



Bulltown Comedy Series Jan 19, Sick of Stupid Jan 24, Matt Braunger Feb 18

But first, Bulltown.

Yes, it’s a new year. A new year and a new age of comedy. Ok, not really. But still new comedy shows. Since I’ve taken over the Fullsteam shows I’ve had nothing but fun. Come on out and join us! This month we have:


Brett Williams, Reid Pegram, Virginia Wallace, Kenyon Adamcik, Max Isaacson, and Brian Burns! Hosted by myself.



The Sick of Stupid Comedy Tour is just around the corner. You might have gotten an email or a Facebook invite already. Check it out!


And Matt Braunger, now on Thursday, February 18




Tootie’s and Sundries

I like that word, sundries.

Tootie’s is tonight at 8, as per usual. Next week there will be no mic, as it will be the day after Christmas.  I have made it to the second round of Carolina’s Funniest Comic at DSI! I’ll be performing 1/7 at 7PM. I’ll put up more info later when I’m not on my way out to a mic.  My promo code is DARO if you’d like a $4 discount!

Upcoming shows: Sick of Stupid Comedy Tour at Motorco January 24

Matt Braunger February 18 also at Motorco Music Hall.

I’m off to enjoy the outdoors! It’s finally FINALLY cold out. Thank goodness. I hate warm winters.